PIDP 3220

This is material from my PIDP 3220 course Delivery of Instruction.

PIDP 3220

The first thing I noticed when I arrived at the VCC Broadway campus on Monday morning to take my PIDP 3220 course was the incredible vibrancy of the campus compared to the weekends when I took my PIDP 3210 course.   Delivery of Instruction, design and deliver 3 ten minute lessons in all three domains of learning.  Accomplish your stated performance objective.

My first lesson was the easiest as it was in the psycho-motor domain, “How to tie a Bowline”  I shopped for instructional aids and spent a few hours that night developing a lesson plan and rehearsing my teaching.  Confidently I started my lesson only to panic half way through as I realized that my students were having problems tying the knot.  One student suggested that I turn around so they could mimic my hand movements.  Thankfully this seemed to work and I the students learned how to tie a bowline.

My next lesson was the hardest as it was in the affective domain.  I decided to do a history of my hometown of Ajax, Ontario.  This would fit in a ten minute lesson as the town didn’t exist before WWII.  But I managed to make the lesson on the blight of post war urban planning that led to suburban sprawl and how it is going on today in Surrey, Langley and the Fraser Valley.

For my final lesson I was able to draw on some of my work experience and I did a lesson on Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for the eyes, ears and breathing.  This addressed the cognitive realm as students needed to learn what the equipment was for and how to use it properly.  I have incorporated some aspects of this into the safety training I do at the Vancouver Community Laboratory.

Once again I was lucky to have a fantastic instructor for this course, Sarah Loewen who had just come over from Vancouver Island to teach her first class at VCC.  I also had a diverse group of incredible classmates who provided respectful and helpful feedback.  I learned so much about such a variety of topics.  I don’t see why VCC doesn’t use the mini lesson concept and have their own version of TED talks.  We could even have a provincial competition.

PPE mini lesson PowerPoint

Ajax, Ontario mini lesson PowerPoint


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