PIDP 3210

This is material from the PIDP 3210 Curriculum Development course.

PIDP 3210 

I took the PIDP 3210 course on the two weekends at the VCC Broadway Campus in May 2013.  I was very fortunate to have David Tickner as my instructor I wish him well on his retirement.  The process he led us through was challenging but by end of the session I had a basic understanding of how the curriculum and everything else flows from the performance objectives.  By concentrating on what our students have to know or do in order to master a skill or competency we then can go about creating a teaching strategy to make sure that they get the training in order to be successful.

I gained a real appreciation for the power and intracacies of verbs.  Concentrating on what students do rather than what the instructor has to do means that we will develop a student-centred curriculum that will allow them to acquire the skills and knowledge that will allow them to successfully perform the competencies that they set out to learn.

The curriculum project I developed was for a continuing education type 28 hour program taken over seven Saturday mornings where students would learn how to weld and cut steel with oxygen/acetylene equipment and then design and build their own project.  I called it “Playing with Fire”.

PIDP 3210

PIDP 3210 Brochure

Journal Assignment



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