PIDP 3100

This is material I wrote and collected for the PIDP 3100 Foundations of Adult Education course.

I am started this blog as part of the PIDP 3100 Foundations of Adult Education course which is a module of the Provincial Instructor’s Diploma Program at Vancouver Community College.  I was inspired to take this course as I am entering the twilight of my career in the steel trades and I realized that I had to take a realistic appraisal of what my retirement would look like.  I knew that my pensions would not provide me the income to travel, or golf, or loaf on the beach, or any of the other lifestyles that we see in media advertisements.  I also realized that as I got older I wouldn’t have the physical stamina that my trade demands.  I was told I had a knack for teaching  by my five step children and I always enjoyed mentoring the apprentices that I worked with.  This led me to explore what opportunities existed to pursue teaching as an answer to the predicament I would soon be facing.

Journal Assignment #1

Journal Assignment #2



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