I am presently employed as a shipfitter at Vancouver Shipyards.  One of the catalysts for me to take this course was the announcement in 2011 that Seaspan had been awarded an $8 billion contract by the federal government as part of their National Shipbuilding Procurement Strategy (NSPS).  Vancouver Shipyards would have the bulk of the work and would be expanding their future work force in future years.  This would necessitate a demand for skilled trades people, this comes at a time when Canada is facing a drastic shortage of skilled trades people.  Recognizing this governments across Canada are dedicating more resources to give workers the training to fill the vacancies that exist now and in the future.  I asked myself “who would be training these new workers?”.

Talking to various people in the human resource field and others that are involved with trade education I learned about the Provincial Instructor’s Diploma Program at Vancouver Community College.  What appealed to me was the flexibility of the program that allowed me to study while I worked full time.  I also learned that the program one of the few of its kind in Canada.  I felt that by combining my experience in shipbuilding and a degree in adult instruction I could begin a new career in adult instruction.

I am looking forward to successfully completing this program and in the future teaching and guiding my students as they successfully pursue their own careers.

Vancouver Shipyard at present
Vancouver Shipyard future
Artist rendition of future Vancouver Shipyard


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