Apprenticeship Resources

Here are the ABC’s of various apprenticeship resources that I have found in searching the internet:


Apprenticeship Grants – This is the Service Canada website dealing with the federal government’s program to fund apprentice education.

Careers in Trades – This is a joint effort of the Canadian Apprenticeship Forum and Skills Canada to encourage Canadians to enter into an apprenticeship.

Careers in Construction – This is an initiative of the Construction Sector Council.

CAF-Educators Guide – Published in 2013 this 52 page pdf is directed at high school teachers.  It gives a comprehensive overview of why students should consider a career in the trades by dealing with some of the myths.  It also has a comprehensive listing of the various trades grouped into industries.  The guide also has some classroom activities to give the students some hands on experience.

CAF-Apprenticeship Guide – Published in 2013 this 27 page pdf contains much of the information contained in the Educator’s Guide without the specific information for teachers.

CWEDA – The following information is meant to help you research the path to becoming an apprentice in the Canada West Equipment Dealers Association.

Ellis Chart – Enter a trade name and click a button and this handy chart will give you all the information about the trade’s status amongst all the provinces and territories.

Grow a Farmer – For those in the Maritimes interested in farming.

National Apprenticeship Survey – The NAS collects information on the work and training experiences of apprentices before, during and after their involvement with their apprenticeship program.

 Provincial Resources

Tradesecrets – Information about the Alberta government’s apprenticeship programs and industry training.

Industry Training Authority – The ITA is the provincial crown agency that oversees the British Columbia apprenticeship program.

Saskapprenticeship – Information about the Saskatchewan government’s apprenticeship programs and industry training.

Manitoba Apprenticeship – Information about the Manitoba government’s apprenticeship programs.

Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program –  Information about the Ontario government’s apprenticeship programs.

Emploi Quebec – Search for apprenticeship and training information in Quebec.

NB Teen Apprentice Program – Information about the New Brunswick government’s apprenticeship programs.

PEI Apprenticeship – Information about the Prince Edward Island government’s apprenticeship programs.

NSApprenticeship – Information about the Nova Scotia government’s apprenticeship programs.

Newfoundland & Labrador – Information about the Newfoundland and Labrador government’s apprenticeship programs.

Yukon Territory – Information about the Yukon government’s apprenticeship programs.

Nunavut Territory – Information about the Nunavut government’s apprenticeship programs.

Academy Canada – Academy Canada is the largest independent career college in Eastern Canada and offers a number of apprenticeship courses.

Algonquin College – Algonquin College in Ottawa, Ontario has a number of apprenticeship courses.

Arctic College – Located in Nunavut this college offers a number of apprenticeship courses.

BCIT – The British Columbia Institute of Technology is a large technical college and trades training centre located in Burnaby, BC

College of the Rockies – Located in Cranbrook, BC they offer a number of apprenticeship programs in the mining industry/

Conestoga College – Located in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario they offer training in a number of trades.

Durham College – Located in Oshawa and Whitby, Ontario, Durham College offers a number of apprenticeship courses.

Electrical College of Canada – Located in Vaughan and Mississauga this private school offers course for those interested in becoming an electrician.

Humber College – Humber College is located in Toronto and has a number of apprenticeship courses.

Mohawk College – Mohawk annually serves 4,500 apprenticeship students, and is one of the largest trainers of apprentices in Hamilton, Ontario.

NAIT – The Northern Alberta Institute of Technology is a large technical college and trades training centre located in Edmonton, AB.

Niagara College – Located in various sites in the Niagara peninsula of Ontario they have a number of apprenticeship courses.

Okanagan College – Located in various sites in the the Okanagan Valley in the interior of British Columbia there are a number of apprenticeship courses on offer.

Ontario Colleges – Covering 850 learning sites in over 200 locations throughout Ontario offering over 4.500 courses.

Union and Industry

Boilermakers Canada – The Boilermakers continue to be a leader in apprenticeship training and journeyperson upgrading.

Canadian Operating Engineers – The Canadian Operating Engineers Joint Apprenticeship and Training Council (COEJATC) is a Canada-wide network of training institutions that conduct heavy equipment, crane, and safety training.

Canadian Union of Skilled Workers – For people looking to apprentice in the Ontario electricity generation industry.

Canadian Piping Trades – For those interested in the plumbing and pipefitting trade the United Association offers a number of opportunities.

Canadian Masonry Training Centre –  the Ontario Masonry Training Centre (OMTC) offers leading edge in-school apprenticeship training for the masonry industry.

Electrical Joint Training Committee – A joint union management committee in BC to offer trades training in the electrical industry.

Papers and Reports

Canadian Apprenticeship Forum, “Impact of Technology on Apprenticeship Training in Canada”, 

Laporte, C., & Mueller, R. E. (2013). The completion behaviour of registered apprentices in Canada: who continues, who quits, and who completes programs?. Empirical Research in Vocational Education and Training5(1), 1-30.

Phillips, K. (2013) Coming Up Short: Barriers to Apprenticeship and the Shortage of Labour . Canadian Federation of Small Business Research., December 2013.

Sharpe, A., & Gibson, J. (2005) The Apprenticeship System in Canada: 
Trends and Issues. CSLS Research Report 2005-04

Stewart, G., & Kerr, A. (2010). A backgrounder on apprenticeship training in Canada.



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